Midweek Minute in Mark Feb 3

My 2-year-old daughter has become very interested in the song, This Little Light of Mine.  She loves to hear it at bedtime and nap time and all the other times in between. When we get to the part about not putting your light under a bushel (or as Mark says, a bowl or a bed), she always stops us to ask, “But why NOT put under a bushel?”  

I’m more surprised she isn’t asking what a bushel is… but that’s beside the point!  Each day, I re-explain:  Jesus is the light of the world. We get to carry His light into our world and we want to share His light with everyone.  That answer usually satisfies her until the next time when she yells, “but WHY NOT PUT UNDER BUSHEL!?!?!”

She doesn’t know it, but she is asking the same question that Jesus posed to his disciples.  This section of Mark is full of different stories that describe the Kingdom of God.  Jesus is wanting his disciples to catch the vision of the Kingdom of God.  When I think about the Kingdom of God, I think about an in-breaking of God in our everyday, ordinary lives, about the thaw of winter into spring, and about all the things that are wrong being put right.  I imagine people being healed and relationships being restored.  If the Kingdom of God is able to be made tangible in our lives, why would we want to hide it?  Why would we want to keep it all to ourselves? 

Sometimes we get bogged down in the mundane things of life, at least I know that I can.  Each morning I start a new load of laundry, my husband goes to the basement to work, I work in our bedroom, and we don’t go many places with the kids.  It all can start to feel a bit the same.  And, if I am honest, a little bit less than an in-breaking of the Kingdom of God.  

I wonder today how we might ask God to give us a picture of what the Kingdom of God might look like?  Where does Jesus want to break into your life and into the lives of those you know?  Where are you called to let the light of Christ shine?  Even (and maybe especially!) in the midst of the mundane.