Grow is Trinity's working theory of spiritual formation.

We believe that we can find deeper connection with God and His abundant life when we embrace these seven postures as part of our daily lifestyle.

Crafting a Rule of Life

A rule of life is “A schedule, set of practices, and relational rhythms that create space for us to be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus would do if He were us.” - John Mark Comer

The template below is a starting point to craft a rule of life based on the GROW postures.

Daily Postures

1. Learning: daily scripture reading and reflective prayer, ideally at the start of the day before engaging with news, social media, email, or anything digital. Simply be with God and His word in the quiet.

(Resources: Read Scripture App, Bible in One Year)


2. Sharing: daily prayer for those in your life who do not know Jesus. 

(Resource: invite people to online Alpha)


3. Practices: choose one spiritual discipline on which to focus for a period of time and aim to practice it daily.

(Resources: Decluttering Christmas Sermon Series, Celebration of Discipline – Richard Foster)

Weekly Postures

4. Relationships: connect at least weekly with other Christians to share how you are doing and encourage one another. 

(Resource: Trinity Groups)


5. Practices – Weekly Sabbath: Ideally a 24 hour period to stop, rest, delight, and worship.

(Resources: Sabbath Sermon, Subversive Sabbath – AJ Swoboda)


6. Gather: in-person or online with your church family for worship, teaching and creating space for the Spirit.

(Resource: Plan a Sunday Visit)


7. Sacrifice – Serving: Find an opportunity to serve others and make sacrifice of your time.

(Resource: Serving Opportunities)


8. Sacrifice – Generosity: Make financial giving a weekly act of worship to God.

(Resource: Giving & Generosity at Trinity)

Seasonal Postures

9. Healing: pursue wholeness and healing from past hurts, habits or hang ups as the Lord leads you.

(Resources: Receive Care, Receive Prayer)


10. Sacrifice: pray and consider “over and above” acts of serving and generosity.

(Resources: Serving OpportunitiesGiving & Generosity at Trinity)

GROW Sermons

Learn about each Grow posture in these messages: