Ongoing Counseling


Trinity recommends the following for those who are looking for ongoing counseling and support:

Greenwich Center for Hope and Renewal It is located at 237 Taconic Road, Greenwich, CT, and can be reached at 203-340-9816. People can also email their Office Assistant Cari Nizolek at cari@hopeandrenewal.orgTrinity has a discounted rate agreement with them. They do not accept insurance.

Christian Counseling Center It is located at 3 Lewis Street, Norwalk, CT, and can be reached at 203-846-4626. You can also email their office at ccctherapy@earthlink.netThey accept most major insurances.

Susan S Elliott, LPC She is located at 5 Brook Street A1, Darien, CT and can be reached at 203.858.8834. You can also email her at:susanselliotthw@gmail.comShe accepts some insurance and works on a sliding scale.

Susan Lobosco Benner

Psychology Today Profile. She is located at 122 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob, CT and can be reached at (914) 257-7408 or by emailing Susan.benner@wholepersontherapy.coShe does not accept insurance but works on a sliding scale.

Parker and Mary Stacy They are located at 522 East Putnam Ave., Greenwich, CT and 1 Kinsman Lane, Greenwich, CT. They do not accept insurance but work on a sliding scale.

Redeemer Counseling Services They are located at 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor, New York, NY, and can be reached at 212-370-0475. You can also email their office at rcs@redeemer.comThey do not accept insurance. Some providers may reimburse for services through out-of-network benefits. They can work on a sliding scale via their Application for Reduced Fee.

Psychology Today

( has a search engine that can assist in finding a therapist, psychiatrist, treatment center, or a support group. You can search by zip code, insurance carrier, issue, and therapy modality and find numerous options to get the support needed at an affordable rate pre-negotiated by the insurance carrier.