Ongoing Counseling


Trinity recommends the following for those who are looking for ongoing counseling and support:

Greenwich Center for Hope and Renewal It is located at 237 Taconic Road, Greenwich, CT, and can be reached at 203-340-9816. People can also email their Office Manager, Joycelyn Siame, at joycelyn@hopeandrenewal.orgTrinity has a discounted rate agreement with them. Please also note that while they do not accept most major insurance providers, two of their therapists accept Husky insurance.

Christian Counseling Center It is located at 3 Lewis Street, Norwalk, CT, and can be reached at 203-846-4626. You can also email their office at ccctherapy@earthlink.netThey accept most major insurances.

Susan S Elliott, LPC She is located at 5 Brook Street A1, Darien, CT and can be reached at 203.858.8834. You can also email her at:susanselliotthw@gmail.comShe accepts some insurance and works on a sliding scale.

Susan Lobosco Benner

Psychology Today Profile. She is located at 122 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob, CT and can be reached at (914) 257-7408 or by emailing Susan.benner@wholepersontherapy.coShe does not accept insurance but works on a sliding scale.

Parker and Mary Stacy They are located at 522 East Putnam Ave., Greenwich, CT and 1 Kinsman Lane, Greenwich, CT. They do not accept insurance but work on a sliding scale.

Redeemer Counseling Services They are located at 29 W 38th Street, FL 10
New York, NY 10018, and can be reached at 212-370-0475. You can also email their office at rcs@redeemer.comThey do not accept insurance. Some providers may reimburse for services through out-of-network benefits. They can work on a sliding scale via their Application for Reduced Fee.

Psychology Today

( has a search engine that can assist in finding a therapist, psychiatrist, treatment center, or a support group. You can search by zip code, insurance carrier, issue, and therapy modality and find numerous options to get the support needed at an affordable rate pre-negotiated by the insurance carrier.