Midweek Minute in Mark Feb 24
Anne Valentine

What we believe about someone is often the most important part of a relationship, shaping our thoughts, speech, and behavior toward that person. Imagine being in a hospital for heart surgery. If you did not trust in the credentials and expertise of the surgeons, there’s no way you would allow them to operate! But if you have faith in who they say they are, you will willingly place yourself in a very vulnerable position under their care.

Jesus asked his disciples “Who do people say that I am?” Jesus knew that our opinions are not formed in a vacuum and that the voices of those around his disciples would influence what they believed about him. They proceed to readily list off several identities that are circulating in the crowds. Jesus treasures his small band of disciples and knew that their future ability to walk in their calling and ministry would be fully determined by who they believed him to be.

Next, he zeroes in and asks, “But who do YOU say that I am?” Peter speaks up and answers, “You are the Christ.” He meant that Jesus was the long-anticipated Messiah, the savior. Peter professes the right answer, and yet we know that he would go on to deny Jesus three times.

Peter was an eyewitness of Jesus’ miracles, his teaching, and character. He knew Jesus was the Christ and yet caved to the pressure of the crowds at a critical moment. Later on, after the resurrection, we know that Jesus personally restores Peter while calling him to lead the building of the Church.

We, like Peter, are also in process. Yet in our weakness, Jesus will take the time to show us who he really is. He wants us to know and trust him as Lord and nothing less. Anything less will sabotage our freedom and leave us in fear. The cross was a magnificent display of his love and his resurrection the proof of his divinity. As we kneel at the cross, may we invite the Holy Spirit to testify to our hearts of the beauty, humility, and power of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Grace & Peace,
Anne and Ben Valentine